We are Mantikor.

Creative. Production. Agency.

Mantikor is US!


Production or agency? Production agency! Strategy, consultation and creation in elegant structures. Meaning: more money for the film. Meaning: more money for the client. Meaning: more fun for us.

That is Mantikor.

We love motion pictures. Emotion. Story. Character. Visuals. Depth. Light. Color. Film is our medium.

Thus, we are Mantikor.

We are organizationally talented, bean counters, dreamers, cineasts, movie junkies and Digital Natives. We enjoy celebrations and fine dining. We are loyal and honest. Tough and kind.

We are Mantikor.

In service of our client. In the soul of the project. We work wholeheartedly in the heart of St. Pauli. From Hamburg and at home on Earth. That is how Mantikor works.

That is Mantikor.

Sebastian Lier

Geschäftsführer / DoP

Falk Poetz

Geschäftsleitung Kreation / Regie

Julia Seidel

Creative Producer

Laurin Tomaschewski

Head of Postproduction

Mantikor GmbH
Friedensallee 120 
22763 Hamburg

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T +49 40 88168471

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